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The Importance of Insurance in Commercial Painting

Updated: Jun 20

Are you planning to hire a commercial paint company to apply a fresh coat of paint in the interior and exterior of your commercial building? Do you have a company in mind? Probably, you have some referrals from friends and family? Well, before you start hiring a company to paint your property, one important thing you want to find out is whether the company of your choice is insured. This is one important aspect that most homeowners and business owners forget when they hire a painting company to do work. Whenever hiring painting services, you always want to ensure that the company, or individual, that you are looking to work with carries liability insurance.

Painting might seem like an easy task, but accidents and mistakes do happen. Someone might knock over paint that can spill onto the floor, paint might drip onto furniture that isn’t covered or a ladder might fall over and crash into a window. While many companies do everything they can to avoid such mistakes and accidents, they still can happen. That is why it is important for them to have liability insurance. In any event that there is property damage, the company’s insurance will pay for the damages. If the company isn’t insured, the responsibility of paying for the damages can fall on you. Even if there is a dispute and you choose to sue the company, you are still spending money on a lawyer. Having insurance also frees you up from liability, just in case a worker ends up injuring themselves on the job site.

So, before you go hiring a company to paint your property, make sure that they are insured. It will provide you with a pece of mind and can save you a lot of money should an accident happen on the job.

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