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Popular Interior Paint Colors For Residential Properties

Thinking about painting the interior of your home, condominium, or apartment building this year? JT Paint and Design in Oklahoma keeps up with color trends and has many years of experience in the painting industry. Whether you want all the rooms painted one color or each one painted differently, we have the tools and staff to do a professional job. Even if you want a few rooms painted, we can help you choose the best colors. This year, interior paints come in a wide variety of shades and colors.

Shades of Green Are Trendy

Shades of green on the interior walls have become popular with customers. With the interest in eco-friendly colors, green is a color of the outdoors and an extremely popular choice. This year Sherwin Williams has chosen Evergreen Fog as its color of the year. This color is a calming and peaceful gray green color that fits many diverse types of interior design.

There are many different shades of green that you can use to incorporate an eco-friendly color into your homes. Shades of green vary from light pastel colors to dark green found in a forest. Consumers are choosing mint or light green to brighten up a room and bring more light to the inside.

Green reminds us of the outdoors and in a way brings the outdoors inside. The room can be decorated with green accents, from selecting art to fabrics. Some green colors have a yellow hue or tinge, and Sherwin Williams has many colors, like Humorous Green and Luau Green with this color. Green is a good color to paint bedrooms, kitchens, and living rooms to promote a calming effect.

Blues Remind Us of the Ocean and Sky

Blue is popular and reminds you of the outdoor skies and ocean. In the warmer weather, we spend more time outdoors and appreciate nature. Blue can be used in every room in the house or only in the rooms you choose. It promotes tranquility and is an ideal choice for a study or hobby area.

When you work at home, a light blue is ideal for your workspace. Some customers have painted the ceiling using light blue to remind them of the outdoors. Sherwin Williams has a variety of blue to choose from. Some colors are light, and others have a green hue. They have darker blue colors, now called the new black, that go well in rooms that display art and collectibles. One of their darker blues is called Moscow Midnight. Blue colors can remind us of the outdoors during the day or evening all year.

Varying Shades of Pink and Purple

Some consumers like bright and bold colors that highlight the room design. A color like Dragon Fruit, a deeper, rich pink, highlights art and collectibles in the living or dining room. Some customers paint one area of a room with bold colors where the art or collection is located. Lighter pinks bring more light into the room and have a calming effect. Light purple colors are trendy, with violet and lavender popular interior paint choices this year.

White And Neutral Colors Still Remain A Popular Choice.

Varying shades of white, and neutral colors like gray, beige, and cream remain popular interior colors. The reason is they match any type of style and decorating. They are often used when selling a home or building a new one. The colors of your walls inside will provide your home with an improved ambience.

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