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How Often Should You Be Doing House Painting?

Updated: Oct 22, 2021

Any homeowner knows that maintenance never ends and there is always something to be done. But regular maintenance, without a doubt, is crucial to preventing bigger problems at a later stage whilst keeping up the value of your home. And your home’s number one defense against the elements is a premium quality paint job.

Your home has earned its place in the neighborhood, so regular painting is a must!

Besides this, your home is a lifelong investment and deserves the best treatment out there.

Here are some obvious signs that you need to do some house painting; elements that can show up at any point.

The signs that you need house painting

Physical signs of wear and tear on both the interior and exterior of your home will show in cracking, peeling, chipping, fading, or bubbling. The underlying issue here could be a number of things like sun exposure, moisture, hail damage, or problems with the preparation from a previous paint job.


Fading on the exterior is a normal occurrence and not indicative of any other problems. However, your home will lose its aesthetic appeal and probably look a bit sad, too. The artificial lighting inside and UV exposure outside your home can also play a role in fading paint. This is subject to how close your light fittings are to your walls or ceilings and how much sun exposure your exterior surfaces receive.

Gaps and cracks in your walls

If you notice any gaps or cracks in your walls, wood trim, or siding, it’s definitely time to consider a paint job. Consult a professional in this matter as an expert will be able to pinpoint areas of concern, fixing them and doing a great job of reviving your paint thereafter.

So how often should you get house painting?

The Exterior

The quality of your paint, as well as the workmanship, are key contributors to how often you should paint your home. We generally recommend inspecting the caulking and paint on the exterior of your home at least every 5 to 10 years if no issues have been discovered.

This recommendation is based purely on the passage of time, but would also differ based on the type of surface you’re painting. Wooden surfaces, for instance, would need to be inspected more regularly as they are susceptible to movement and moisture.


The interior of your home doesn’t have exposure to the elements, but may still be subject to situations such as dampness, dirt, or even mildew. This also depends on your lifestyle, especially if you take into account that the wall can take only so many wipes after grubby hands are all over it and wood surfaces are constantly touched. Generally, interiors should be inspected at least every 3 to 5 years.

This however does change slightly when you consider the areas in your home that have the most traffic; for example, your hallway, bathroom, or kitchen. There are obviously things like steam and grease, and of course, hands on the walls and cabinets to think about.

While you may think that you can skimp on these areas, experience has taught us that investing in premium quality paints and professionals that know what they’re doing goes a long way to make your paint last longer, lower your overall costs of maintenance, and provide you with more time to enjoy your home.


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