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How Lighting Affects Your Paint Color

Giving your home or office a fresh new look goes a bit deeper than just throwing on a new coat of paint. Apart from your decor, there's a lot to consider when selecting that perfect color for your walls.

Have you ever noticed that a crisp white wall looks yellow in the evening? Even the position of the sun at different times of the day will change your perception of the actual color of paint on your walls. It's a science, after all, and the way we see color depends on how the light is absorbed and how the source of light actually works.

Let's explore a few reasons that affect the color of your paint, and how you can fix it.


When selecting a color for different areas in you home or office block, you should take into account the direction that the room faces. You must consider the role that natural light plays, and take advantage of it. Here's the general rule of thumb:

• South-facing rooms - These have the most intense lights that cause dark colors to look brighter and lighter colors to glow.

• North-facing rooms - Darker, bolder colors are best, given the natural blue undertones in the light streaming in. Lighter colors will not work as well and will be more muted.

• East-facing rooms - These generally get the best sunlight in the mornings, although the color does tend to turn into bluish shades in the afternoon. Ideal colors for these rooms would be warmer tones of yellow, orange or even red.

• West-facing rooms - You're likely to experience shadows in the mornings in west facing rooms, and these can dull down your colors.

Light bulbs

Your choice of light bulbs definitely has an effect on how your paint color pulls through. These are easy and inexpensive to tailor to the color of your room and our tips are bound to bring out the best in your paint.

Warmer shades such as yellow, red, or orange are complimented with the ambience of incandescent bulbs, while fluorescents make shades of green and blue stand out. Halogen bulbs mimic natural lighting and make all colors look more vivid than they are.

How to achieve that perfect color

You can imagine the disappointment of investing both time and money into the painting of space, only for it not to turn out as you envisioned it. How do you overcome this? Well, we can't help this time around, but our experts do have a few pointers for future references.

Your paint sheen matters. This is simply because glossy paint will reflect light, whereas matte finishes allow the color to look more true under any light.

The color of your carpets or flooring will also have an effect on how the color of your paint is perceived, and lighter colored walls will reflect the color of your flooring.

Experiment with different lightbulbs. If you plan on using a floor lamp or mounting lamps on your walls, test the color of your paint by placing different bulbs near a painted wall before permanently fixing lighting in a spot.


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