The following information should answer some of the questions you may have about the painting of your home and help make your project go smoothly. Please take time to read this information.



No oil paints can be applied on damp surfaces. No acrylic primers can be applied on damp surfaces. If weather prevents us from working on your home, we will return on the next suitable day. Certain things can be done in wet or damp weather with no ill effects. Many times we may want to wash a house or begin preparation of the surfaces on damp days. On occasion, we may call ahead to see if we can wash your home ahead of schedule. This will help keep the schedule on track. 


If we are painting the exterior of your home we may power wash prior to painting. This may take place a day or two prior to your scheduled start date. 

New Home Exterior Painting


All houses built before 1978 have the risk of containing lead paint. If your home was built before 1978 your home could contain lead paint.   JT PAINT & DESIGN can not in good faith test your home for lead. If you would like to have your home tested and need assistance locating a certified test facility, we can help you locate one. 


JT PAINT & DESIGN can handle most wood replacement projects. Please be aware that as we remove rotting or damaged wood it may be discovered that more extensive damage has been done. In these cases we will not replace any wood until you have been informed of what we have found and additional costs approved. Please make sure you are available on the day we are doing wood replacement to avoid unexpected delays.