The following information should answer some of the questions you may have about the painting of your home and help make your project go smoothly. Please take time to read this information.

JTPD Guy Spraying Cabinets


There are several ways to reach the various people who will be involved with your project. Questions can be made by contacting us using the information below. If we are not available, leave a message and we will get back as soon as possible.

John Thompson, President
(918) 766-2399


Normally, our schedule runs about 2-3 weeks out. Although we will give you an approximate start date, we can rarely give you an exact date. You will be kept informed as we get closer to your start date. 


JT PAINT & DESIGN offers a color consultation for all of our customers. Please ask any of our staff if you are interested. If we are matching the existing color, we will match the color on the first day of the job. We will need you to be available to okay the color selection. 

If you would like to choose the color yourself, we can provide you with the paint manufactures color samples. Be aware that manufacturers color samples can be inconsistent and may vary somewhat due to age. Be certain to view color samples in the same light as that in which the paint will be applied. If you would like, we can get you a paint sample and apply some test patches on your home.


The first day of the job you will meet the foreman. The foreman is the most experienced painter on the crew. Please be sure to direct any questions during the job directly to the foreman, not the other painters. 

Residential Exterior Painting


Although new paint dries to the touch with in a few hours, it does not fully cure for about 2 weeks. To avoid stuck windows, please operate your windows every day or so for about 2 weeks. 


Doors should be left open as long as possible to allow them to dry. Alkyd (oil) takes longer to dry than latex (acrylic). It is important that alkyd (oil) painted doors not be closed for at least 8 hours. 


Payment is due in full the day the job is completed. We ask that you please be considerate of this request. Checks should be made out to "JT PAINT & DESIGN" in the amount stated on your estimate plus any additionally requested work during the job. If you are unclear about the amount, please notify our Field Supervisor or call the office. We are also able to take most major credit cards. These are taken over the phone. Receipts will be mailed to you after processing. 


You will be asked to complete a customer rating sheet when the job is finished. Your written feedback is very important to everyone in our business. In particular, the crew benefits from you evaluation and comments. The completed form can be given to the foreman or mailed to our office. 


We will contact you several days after your job is completed to discuss how the job turned out. Again, your candor is appreciated.